OAR 291-121-0035
Security of Tools and Materials


Mill Creek Correctional Facility: Control of hobby shop tools and equipment will be in accordance with Mill Creek Correctional Facility requirements. No tools or equipment for hobbies shall be manufactured at Mill Creek Correctional Facility.


Oregon State Correctional Institution:


Inmates will be assigned a locker and padlock on an as-needed basis;


Tools and flammables will be issued out of the hobby shop office and must be checked back in by the inmate prior to leaving the shop;


Inmates will be searched in and out of the shop. Inmates shall not leave and then return until the next authorized line movement;


No flammable liquids or tools are to be stored in inmate lockers. No smoking is permitted in the hobby shop.


Oregon State Penitentiary:


Control of tools and materials will be conducted in accordance with Oregon State Penitentiary tool requirements;


Absolutely no tools or equipment will be manufactured in the institution (e.g., hobby shop, industries, vocational training);


When the inmate is released or removed from the hobby shop, the following will occur:


All inmate materials, tools, and Curio Store item(s) will be inventoried and packaged by the hobby shop supervisor. A copy of the inventory list is to be retained by the hobby shop supervisor. Abandoned property will be disposed of in accordance with the Department of Corrections rule on Personal Property Control and Disposition (Inmate);


If the inmate wishes the materials to be mailed or shipped by freight, he will prepare a request for withdrawal from his personal funds on a Withdrawal Request Form (CD 28D). The form will be taken to the mail room by the hobby shop supervisor with the packaged materials;


If the inmate wishes to take materials with him at the time of his release, the hobby shop supervisor will inventory the inmate’s materials with the inmate and have the inmate sign an accurate inventory list prior to delivery to the inmate;


Under unusual situations, other arrangements will be made for disposition of hobby craft materials by the Assistant Superintendent, Security or designee;


Inmates who are removed from their hobby shop assignment will follow the procedure for disposition of their materials. Inmates will not be removed for any time period shorter than six months. All materials in the hobby shop and the Curio Store will be removed and disposed of by the hobby shop supervisor. Inmates who have been removed from the hobby shop will not be reassigned without being placed on the bottom of the waiting list (on approval of the Assistant Superintendent, Security or designee);


Removal from a club bench for nondisciplinary reasons will not jeopardize the inmate’s position on the hobby shop waiting list.


Oregon Women’s Correctional Center:


All tools purchased for use in the arts and crafts area shall be approved in accordance with Oregon Women’s Correctional Center requirements;


All tools designated as critical shall be stored in the designated locked storage cabinet in the arts and crafts area. Critical tools shall be used under the direct supervision of staff and secured on a shadow board when not in use. The Recreation Supervisor shall maintain a tool and equipment log which shall be initialed each time a critical tool is checked out;


All tools designated as noncritical shall be stored in the arts and crafts area. The recreation staff shall maintain a tool and equipment log which shall be initialed each time a noncritical tool is checked out.
[ED. NOTE: Forms referenced are available from the agency.]

Source: Rule 291-121-0035 — Security of Tools and Materials, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=291-121-0035.

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