Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-019-0019
Pet Licensing, Animal Bites, and Rabies: Dog Licensing


Each dog shall be licensed by the local animal control agency in whose jurisdiction its owner resides.


No dog shall be licensed until the owner of a vaccinated dog presents, in person or by mail, the original Rabies Vaccination Certificate to the County Clerk or designated animal control officer serving that jurisdiction.


Upon receipt of applicable fees (if any, pursuant to ORS 433.380 (Tag fee)), the local animal control agency shall issue a serially numbered tag legibly identifying an expiration date that may not exceed the vaccine coverage expiration date by more than two months. The tag shall be attached to a collar or harness that shall be worn by the dog at all times when off the premises of the owner.


The local animal control agency may request and file the Rabies Vaccination Certificate, cross-referenced to the tag number.


An unexpired tag shall be honored throughout Oregon.


A dog’s rabies vaccination tag may, at the discretion of the local animal control agency, serve as the dog license, but not for more than two months beyond the immunity expiration date.


Nothing in these rules shall be construed to limit the power of any jurisdiction to enact more stringent requirements to regulate and control dogs.

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