Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division

Rule Rule 333-019-0003
Providing Information to the Oregon Health Authority or Local Public Health Administrator


The Authority or local public health administrator (LPHA) may, as necessary to investigate a case of a reportable disease, disease outbreak or epidemic, require a health care provider, public or private entity, or an individual to permit the inspection or provide copies of information necessary to the investigation.


Information that may be inspected or provided to the Authority or LPHA includes but is not limited to:


Individually identifiable health information and contact information related to:


The case;


An individual who may be the potential source of exposure or infection;


An individual who has been or may have been exposed to or affected by the disease; or


A control.


Policies, practices, systems or structures that may have affected the likelihood of disease transmission.


Factors that may influence an individual’s susceptibility to the disease or likelihood of being diagnosed with the disease.


In addition to requesting information the Authority or LPHA may inspect, sample or test real or personal property. The Authority or LPHA will request permission to inspect, sample or test real or personal property prior to taking any action. If an individual or entity refuses to allow access to real or personal property for this purpose, the Authority or LPHA may seek an administrative warrant in order to obtain access.


The Authority or LPHA shall request the information required to be submitted orally or in writing and shall inform the individual or entity from whom the information is sought when the information is required to be submitted. In lieu of requesting that information be provided to the Authority or LPHA, the Authority or LPHA may request access to the information at the location where the information is located.


A person who provides information in accordance with these rules is immune from civil or criminal liability that might otherwise be incurred or imposed with respect to providing information under this section.


Pursuant to ORS 433.008 (Confidentiality of disclosure), all information obtained by the Authority or LPHA in the course of an investigation is confidential, may only be released in accordance with ORS 433.008 (Confidentiality of disclosure)(2) through (6), and except as required for the administration of public health laws or rules, a state or local public health official or employee may not be examined in any administrative or judicial proceeding about the existence or contents of a reportable disease report or other information received by the Authority or LPHA in the course of an investigation of a reportable disease or disease outbreak.

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