OAR 340-234-0200
Kraft Pulp Mills: Statement of Policy and Applicability


Policy. Recent technological developments have enhanced the degree of malodorous emission control possible for the kraft pulping process. While recognizing that complete malodorous and particulate emission control is not presently possible, consistent with the meteorological and geographical conditions in Oregon, it is hereby declared to be the policy of DEQ to:


Require, in accordance with a specific program and time table for all sources at each operating mill, the highest and best practicable treatment and control of atmospheric emissions from kraft mills through the utilization of technically feasible equipment, devices, and procedures. Consideration will be given to the economic life of equipment, which when installed, complied with the highest and best practicable treatment requirement.


Require degrees and methods of treatment for major and minor emission points that will minimize emissions of odorous gases and eliminate ambient odor nuisances.


Require effective monitoring and reporting of emissions and reporting of other data pertinent to air quality or emissions. DEQ will use these data in conjunction with ambient air data and observation of conditions in the surrounding area to develop and revise emission and ambient air standards, and to determine compliance therewith.


Encourage and assist the kraft pulping industry to conduct a research and technological development program designed to progressively reduce kraft mill emissions, in accordance with a definite program, including specified objectives and time schedules.


Applicability. OAR 340-234-0200 (Kraft Pulp Mills: Statement of Policy and Applicability) through 340-234-0270 (Kraft Pulp Mills: Chronic Upset Conditions) apply to existing and new kraft pulp mills.
NOTE: This rule is included in the State of Oregon Clean Air Act Implementation Plan that EQC adopted under OAR 340-200-0040 (State of Oregon Clean Air Act Implementation Plan) with the exception of references to Total Reduced Sulfur.

Source: Rule 340-234-0200 — Kraft Pulp Mills: Statement of Policy and Applicability, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=340-234-0200.

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