Oregon Department of Human Services

Rule Rule 407-007-0340
Record Keeping, Confidentiality

(1) All LEDS reports are confidential and the Department and Authority shall maintain the reports in accordance with applicable OSP requirements in ORS chapter 181 and the rules adopted pursuant thereto (see OAR chapter 257, division 15).
(a) LEDS reports are confidential and may only be shared within BCU if there is a need to know consistent with these rules.
(b) The LEDS report and any photocopies may not be shown or given to the SI.
(2) The results of a national criminal records check provided by the FBI or the OSP are confidential and may not be disseminated by BCU unless:
(a) If an SI requests the results of a fingerprint-based criminal records check received by BCU, the SI shall be provided a copy of the results.
(b) The state and national criminal offender information shall be provided as exhibits during the contested case hearing.
(3) The results of an abuse check are confidential and may not be disseminated by the Department or the Authority except in compliance with confidentiality statutes and guidelines of the Department or the Authority. An SI may not have access to confidential information contained in abuse investigation reports or other records collected or developed during the abuse check process without an order of discovery limiting further disclosure of the information during the contested case hearing process.
(4) All completed background check requests, other criminal history information, and other records collected or developed during the background check or contested case process shall be kept confidential and disseminated only on a need-to-know basis.
(5) The Department and Authority shall retain and destroy all criminal records check documents pursuant to federal law and records retention schedules published by Oregon State Archives.
(6) Documents retained by a QE may only be viewed by an approved QED or licensing staff authorized by the Department or Authority as part of monitoring compliance with licensing and program administrative rules.
(7) Documents retained by a QE may be requested and reviewed by the Department and the OSP for the purposes of determining and ensuring compliance with these rules.
(8) If an error is discovered on a notice of fitness determination, BCU may correct it by issuing an amended notice of fitness determination.

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