OAR 411-065-0015
Approval Procedure


Any person desiring to provide specialized services under the provision of these rules must request approval by submitting the following information in writing to the Department and local AAA:


Name of the provider and address of the facility where services will be provided;


Provider information regarding criminal history and signed Criminal Record Release Authorizations for supervisors and staff;


A description of the target group for whom services will be provided, the age, and number of persons to be served;


Admission criteria consistent with OAR 411-065-0030 (Admission Criteria);


Program plans for providing services, including but not limited to the following:


A description of supervisor and staff qualifications and training for the target group to be served;


Specific staff to client ratios whenever clients are present, consistent with OAR 411-065-0025 (Staffing Requirements); and


A description of client care management criteria including designating responsibility for Activities of Daily Living, specific specialized services for the target group.


A description of facility space and equipment will be sufficient to meet the needs of the group served, including adaptations for and absence of barriers for non-ambulatory persons consistent with OAR 411-065-0045 (Facility Standards);


A written policy implementing documentation and confidentiality requirements contained in OAR 411-065-0020 (Compliance and Documentation) and 411-065-0040 (Records), and client rights requirements of 411-065-0046 (Client Rights);


Exit criteria consistent with OAR 411-065-0035 (Exit Criteria);


A statement of need for the specialized living services and how the services will be cost effective within the meaning of OAR 411-065-0005 (Definitions);


Proposed annual budget identifying sources of revenue; and


Any other information about the provider or target groups as the Department may reasonably require that would facilitate the evaluation of the provider’s request for approval.


The Department and local AAA will conduct the initial review of the proposal for specialized living services. The AAA will provide the Department with a statement as to the need of such specialized services for that area and whether the services will be cost effective.


Final approval of the proposal will be given by the Contract Administrator of the Department or his or her designee based on demonstrated need for the service, the cost effectiveness of the proposed program and evidence of the provider’s ability to comply with these rules. The Department may attach conditions to the approval which limit, restrict, or specify other criteria for operation of the specialized living services program.


The AAA will annually evaluate an approved program. The annual evaluation will re-examine the demonstrated need for the specialized services, the cost-effectiveness of the program and the provider’s compliance with these rules, before the Department extends the program approval for another year.


No approval is transferable or applicable to any location or persons other than those specified in the contract. A change of ownership of the provider will require a new request for approval in compliance with section (1) of this rule.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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