OAR 411-065-0050


Each specialized living services provider will have a contractual agreement with the Department specifying: type of administrative and direct care staff; terms of payment and procedures; roles and responsibilities of each party; and general provisions. The contract does not guarantee the number of Department clients who will be referred to or maintained in a program.


Specialized living services contracts are effective for one year. In conjunction with the annual program evaluation, the Department will consider the results of the program evaluation prior to making its determination to renew the contract.


The terms of the contract will establish the conditions upon which the contract may be terminated. A provider has no right to continuation of a specialized living services contract beyond the specific year in which a written contract has been executed. Approval of a provider’s specialized living services program pursuant to OAR 411-065-0015 (Approval Procedure) does not create an express or implied contract in the absence of a fully executed written contract with the Department.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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