OAR 411-085-0010
Issuance of License


No person acting individually or jointly with any other person shall establish, conduct, maintain, manage, or operate a nursing facility without a license from the Department.


Each nursing facility license issued by the Department applies only to person or persons named on the license. The license is not transferable or assignable. The license is valid only for the specific premises designated on the license and for the time period specified on the license.


A license may not be issued for a new facility, an expanded facility, or a facility offering new services unless the Oregon Health Authority has issued a certificate of need for said facility or service, or has determined a certificate of need is not required.




The application must be on a form or forms provided by the Department and must include all information requested by the Department including, but not limited to, identity and financial interest of any person, including stockholders who have an incident of ownership in the applicant representing an interest of 10 percent or more or 10 percent of a lease agreement for the facility. Facilities applying for Medicaid, Medicare, or both Medicaid and Medicare certification are required by federal law to identify applicants representing a 5 percent or more interest.


If the owner of the nursing facility business is a different entity from the operator of the nursing facility, an application for licensure is required from both the operator and the owner. Only one license fee is required. Each application must be signed and dated by a legally authorized representative of the entity submitting the application. The names of owners and operators shall appear on the license.


The applicant must identify any person who has 10 percent incident of ownership, direct or indirect, in a pharmacy or in any business that provides services or supplies to nursing facilities. If any such person exists, the applicant must identify the person and the name and address of the pharmacy or business.


The applicant must identify the number of beds the facility is presently capable of operating considering existing equipment, ancillary service capability, and the physical requirements as specified within OAR chapter 411, divisions 85-89. The number of beds requested to be licensed may not exceed the number identified on the license to be renewed unless prior approval has been issued by the Department or a certificate of need has been issued when required pursuant to ORS chapter 442.


The applicant must include a floor plan showing the location of each bed and the dimensions and room number of each room in which a bed is located. The plan must also show the location of dining and activities areas, shower and tub rooms, toilet rooms, clean and dirty utility rooms, therapy service areas, laundry areas, and dietary service areas. After the first filing, plans need only be submitted when changes in the information required in this subsection occur or when requested by the Department.


The applicant must include a copy of all leases, management, and ownership of the facility.


The applicant must list all states in which the applicant or persons having a 10 percent or more incident of ownership in the facility currently are or previously have been licensed to provide long-term care.


If a renewal is desired, the licensee must apply at least 45 days before the expiration date of the existing license.


The license fee must accompany the application.


If the applicant fails to provide complete and accurate information on the application, the Department may deny or revoke the license if the Department determines the missing or corrected information is needed to determine if a license shall be granted.


An application is not considered to be complete until all requested information and signatures have been provided.


Each application for a new license (excludes license renewal) must include a completed and signed credit and background check authorization form for the applicant and each person with 10 percent incident of ownership in the applicant.


Applicants for license renewal must provide the Department with a completed and signed credit and background check authorization form for the applicant and each person with incident of ownership in the applicant, when required by the Department.


Applications must state whether or not the applicant and persons with incident of ownership in the applicant, have ever been convicted of a crime associated with operation of a health care facility or agency under federal law or the laws of any state.


Applicants must provide such other information and documentation as the Department may reasonably require for proper administration of these rules including, but not limited to, information about ownership interest in other business enterprises, if relevant.


The Department shall issue the license or issue a denial of licensure within 60 days of receipt of the license fee, completed application, and after determination of substantial compliance with the on-site inspection.




Before issuance of a license or a license renewal, the applicant must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Department that the applicant is capable of providing care in a manner consistent with the requirements of the rules in OAR chapter 411, divisions 85-89.


The Department may consider the background and qualifications of any person owning 10 percent or more interest in the nursing facility operation when determining whether an applicant may be licensed.


The Department may consider the applicant’s history of compliance with Department rules and orders, including the history of compliance of each person with a 10 percent or more incident of ownership in the applicant.


Any person with a past or present interest of 10 percent or more incident of ownership in any nursing facility operation shall be considered responsible for acts occurring during, and relating to, the operation of the nursing facility for the purpose of licensing.


SEPARATE BUILDINGS. Separate licenses are not required for separate buildings located contiguously and operated as an integrated unit by the same ownership or management.

Source: Rule 411-085-0010 — Issuance of License, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=411-085-0010.

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