OAR 411-085-0030
Required Postings




Content. Public notices required to be posted include:


The most recent licensing and, if applicable, certification survey reports;


The placard provided by the Department that includes information on reporting of abuse and summarizes the nursing facility rules. In addition to the location specified in subsection (1)(b) of this rule, this placard must also be prominently and conspicuously posted in close proximity to each nursing station and in any area where residents are admitted;


The current week’s menu and activities schedule;


The facility license and the administrator’s license. (It is recommended the titles and names of the administrator, the DNS, the Social Services Director, the Activities Director, the Dietary Services Supervisor and the RN Care Manager(s) are also posted);


Waivers received from the Department pursuant to OAR 411-085-0040 (Alternative Methods, Waivers) and 411-087-0030 (Waivers for Physical Environment Requirements), and waivers of any federal regulations; and


Any other notice relevant to residents or visitors required by state or federal law.


Location. The facility shall designate a specific area where notices listed in subsection (1)(a) of this rule must be posted. The location shall be in an area that:


Is routinely accessible and conspicuous to residents and visitors, including those in wheelchairs; and


Provides sufficient space for prominent, conspicuous display of each notice.


NOTICES FOR STAFF. The facility must post the names of registered nurses as required by OAR 411-086-0020 (Director of Nursing Services (DNS)) and any physician available for emergencies as required by OAR 411-086-0200 (Physician Services) at each nursing station.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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