OAR 411-085-0200
Licensee, Employees, Consultants


LICENSEE. The licensee will be responsible for the operation of the facility and the quality of care rendered in the facility.




Licensure, Registration, Certification Required. All health care personnel working in the facility must be licensed, registered, or certified as required. Documentation thereof is required for all such employees.


Reference Check. The licensee must check and document references for all prospective employees prior to employment.


Job Description. All employees’ duties must be defined in writing and maintained in the facility. All employees must be instructed in and perform the duties assigned.


Nursing Personnel. Before employing a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse or nursing assistant, the licensee must contact the Oregon State Board of Nursing and inquire whether the person is licensed or certified by the Board and whether there has been any disciplinary action by the Board against the person or any substantiated abuse findings against a nursing assistant.


The licensee must assure a criminal history check is completed on all employees, in accordance with OAR chapter 407, division 007, (Criminal History Checks). A licensee must not employ any individual who is determined to be ineligible to provide services as outlined in OAR chapter 407, division 007.


PROHIBITION OF EMPLOYMENT. The facility must not employ or retain in employment any of the following:


Any person found responsible for abusing, neglecting or mistreating a person receiving long-term care services in a final administrative action that is not under appeal or in a court of law;


Any nursing assistant against whom a finding of resident abuse has been entered into the registry maintained under ORS 678.150 (Powers, functions and duties of board, officers and executive director); or


Any person who is known or reasonably should be known to the facility to be abusive or to have been abusive.


CONSULTANTS. When consultants are required, a facility will require consultants to file written reports at least quarterly. These reports must include date(s) of visit(s), length of time spent on premises, action taken on previous reports, problems identified, recommendations, staff members contacted, services performed, distribution of reports, and date mailed or delivered. The facility must maintain these quarterly reports in the facility.

Source: Rule 411-085-0200 — Licensee, Employees, Consultants, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=411-085-0200.

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