OAR 413-090-0120
Scope of Services


Personal care services are provided directly to the eligible child or young adult and do not include respite or other services, nor are they implemented for the purpose of benefiting others in the household or the household in general.


Personal care services include:


Mobility, transfers, repositioning — assisting a child or young adult with ambulation or transfers with or without an assistive device, turning the individual or adjusting padding for physical comfort or pressure relief, or encouraging or assisting with range-of-motion exercises;


Basic personal hygiene — providing or assisting a child or young adult with needs such as bathing (tub, bed bath, shower), washing hair, grooming, shaving, nail care, foot care, dressing, skin care, mouth care, and oral hygiene;


Toileting, bowel and bladder care — assisting a child or young adult to and from bathroom, on and off a toilet, commode, bedpan, urinal or other assistive device used for toileting, changing incontinence supplies, following a toileting schedule, cleansing the individual or adjusting clothing related to toileting, emptying catheter drainage bag or assistive device, ostomy care, or bowel care;


Nutrition — preparing meals and special diets, assisting with adequate fluid intake or adequate nutrition, assisting with food intake (feeding), monitoring to prevent choking or aspiration, assisting with special utensils, cutting food, and placing food, dishes, and utensils within reach for eating;


Medication management — assisting with ordering, organizing, and administering prescribed medications (including pills, drops, ointments, creams, injections, inhalers, and suppositories), monitoring for choking while taking medications; and


A delegated nursing task.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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