Oregon Oregon Department of Education, Early Learning Division

Rule Rule 414-205-0000

(1) Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 414-205-0000 (Purpose) through 414-205-0170 (Suspension, Denial, Revocation, Findings Reviews and Civil Penalties) are the Office of Child Care’s (OCC) minimum requirements for registering family child care providers. The purpose of these rules is to protect the health, safety, and well-being of children when cared for outside their own homes.
(2) Registration is required for persons who provide child care:
(a) On other than an occasional basis; and
(b) To more than three children from more than one family at any one time, other than the person’s children subject to the limits in OAR 414-205-0065 (Children in Care).
(3) Individuals who are not enrolled in the Central Background Registry because of removal, denial for cause, or voluntary surrender in lieu of legal action, may only care for their own children or children related within the fourth degree as determined by civil law, pursuant to ORS 329A.252 (Provision of care by persons whose certification or registration or enrollment in registry is denied, revoked or suspended).
(4) These rules do not apply to care provided:
(a) In the home of the child;
(b) To three or fewer children, not including the provider’s children subject to the limits in OAR 414-205-0065 (Children in Care) except as provided in 414-205-0000 (Purpose)(3);
(c) To children from one family, not including the provider’s children except as provided in 414-205-0000 (Purpose)(3);
(d) On an occasional basis by a person not ordinarily engaged in providing child care except as provided in 414-205-0000 (Purpose)(3);
(e) By the child’s parent, legal guardian, or person acting in place of a parent;
(f) By a person related to the child care children by blood, marriage, or adoption; or
(g) By a person who is a member of the child’s extended family, as determined by OCC on a case-by-case basis or;
(h) By a person providing care for preschool children that is primarily educational for four hours or less per day and where no preschool age child is present at the facility for more than four hours per day, except as provided in 414-205-0000 (Purpose)(3).
(5) Any family child care provider exempt from registration may apply for registration.
(6) These rules apply only during the hours the provider is conducting the child care business.

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