OAR 415-054-0469
Types of Reviews

(1) The Division may conduct the following types of certification reviews:
(a) Within six months of initial certification as an ADSS, Division staff shall complete a comprehensive audit of the required application documentation and a comprehensive audit of the service delivery locations to ensure compliance with applicable statute, administrative rules, other applicable regulations, and contractual obligations;
(b) Certification renewal reviews must occur prior to the expiration of the existing certificate and at least once every three years;
(c) The Division may conduct discretionary certification reviews:
(A) With reasonable notice to ensure compliance with applicable statute, administrative rules, other applicable regulations, and contractual obligations;
(B) With or without notice for the following reasons:
(i) The Division has reasonable concern the ADSS may act to alter records or make them unavailable for inspections;
(ii) The Division has received a complaint or information that suggests or alleges conditions or practices that could threaten the health, safety, rights, or welfare of individuals; or
(iii) The Division has reason to believe a certification review is necessary to ensure an ADSS is in substantial compliance with these rules, service delivery rules, other applicable administrative rules, contractual obligations or with conditions placed on the certificate.
(2) If Division staff may not access records or service delivery locations for the purpose of conducting a certification review, the Division may take action on the certificate up to and including the application of conditions, suspension, or revocation.
(3) At the sole discretion of the Division, Division staff may complete a certification review partially or fully via a desk review process. A desk review process is where Division staff conduct a certification review based on the ADSS or applicant’s submission of required documentation and telephonic interviews where Division staff do not physically visit the service delivery locations:
(a) The Division shall furnish a list of documentation necessary to complete the desk review to the applicant or ADSS;
(b) The applicant or ADSS must submit all requested documents to the Division in compliance with state and federal privacy and data transmission regulations;
(c) The Division may elect to schedule telephone interviews deemed necessary to fulfill the objectives of a certification review; and
(d) Upon completion of the desk review, the Division shall securely dispose of documentation containing protected health information submitted by the applicant or ADSS.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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