OAR 416-480-0000


The provisions of these rules will be applied to offenders in OYA custody and placed in OYA facilities.


Federal laws allow all persons to hold individual religious beliefs. Offenders in OYA custody maintain this same right. While the OYA will make every reasonable effort to allow offenders to practice the religion of their choice, the OYA may restrict religious practice when:


There is a compelling interest to do so, including but not limited to legitimate security and operational considerations such as safety, health and order; rehabilitation or treatment-related issues; or limitations of resources; and


The imposed limitation is the least restrictive means of addressing the compelling interest.


The OYA will apply the standards of these rules, and resulting policy and procedures, to all faiths to ensure that:


Offenders have reasonable opportunity for religious practice, unless a compelling reason exists to limit such practice;


Religious activities are provided in an orderly fashion through supervision by facility staff, contracted providers, or approved religious volunteers;


Religious programs encourage and foster understanding and respect for the diversity of religious beliefs and practices; and


Religious programs and practices, or any imposed limitations, are consistent with relevant provisions of federal and state regulations.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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