OAR 416-480-0020
Religious Practice


The OYA will provide offenders the opportunity for reasonable access to religious practice that includes, but is not limited to:


Regular religious services and ceremonies, including access to religious items.


Special ceremonies, holiday services, sacraments, and/or expression including, but not limited to:


Religious requirements relating to head or facial hair consistent with the facility rules on hygiene and grooming.


Wearing or carrying a religious emblem, medal, medallion or other religious item (e.g. medicine pouch, religious medal, rosary, prayer feather).


Burning odor or smoke-producing substances (e.g., sage, sweet grass, and incense).


Individual and group pastoral counseling (in a native language where possible).


Religious or spiritual group meetings.


Religious moral instruction.


Dietary accommodations, including dietary restrictions or special handling of food.


An offender assigned to isolation will be provided the opportunity to practice religion but may not be permitted to participate in group activities, special ceremonies, or other practices that affect safety or security.


Each OYA facility will notify offenders of the schedule of religious activities.


When possible, the facility will accommodate individual religious practice, including practices that call for particular times and/or calendar of lunar dates.


Tobacco products or alcohol are not permitted within OYA facilities. Exceptions may be requested from the OYA Director.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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