OAR 416-480-0040
Offender Requests


An offender desiring to participate in a religious activity that is not currently available within the facility may request to do so by submitting to the Religious Program Coordinator a completed request with the following information:


The name of the religion or belief;


The title of religious activity requested; and


A brief description of the religious activity including:


The significance of the activity in the practice of the religion.


How often or under what circumstances the religious activity would be held if it were taking place in the community.


Minimum time and any physical requirements within which the religious activity may take place, including those of any defined segments of the activity.


Any materials that are required for the religious activity and their purpose or use, including a list of any items associated with the religious activity that the offender would retain, if any.


The title (if any), function, and eligibility requirements for participants in the activity.


The name, address, and phone number of a religious representative who can verify the above information.


The Religious Program Coordinator will review the request and consider:


The effects of the request on the safety and security of offenders or staff, and order of the facility.


Available resources to provide the activity.


Alternative means of meeting the request.


Similar practices in other facilities.


Other issues specific to the request.


If no religious representative is available in the facility or among the current group of religious volunteers to conduct a religious activity, the request will be denied until such time as a person becomes available to do so.


The Religious Program Coordinator will seek out an individual from the community to conduct the religious activity, when necessary.


Offenders will not be permitted to lead religious programs.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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