OAR 441-035-0125

(1) Report to Investors: An issuer of an OIO security shall report to all individuals having an outstanding security interest obtained through this exemption at least twice a year. An issuer may satisfy the reporting requirement of this subdivision by making the information available on a website if the information is made available within 45 days of the end of each fiscal half-year and remains available for at least 60 days. An issuer must provide a written copy of the report to any shareholder as requested. The report required by this section shall be provided free of charge regardless of format. The report must contain the following:
(a) Compensation received by each Director and executive officer, or person occupying a substantially similar role, including cash compensation earned since the previous report and on an annual basis and any bonuses, stock options, other rights to receive securities of the issuer or any affiliate of the issuer, or other compensation received.
(b) An explanation and discussion of the business operations and financial condition of the issuer such as a recent financial statement and profit and loss statement.
(2) Reports To Director: A copy of the report provided to investors must be provided to the Director at the same time it is provided to the issuer’s investors.
(a) The issuer must also file a sales report with the Director no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the conclusion of the offering in a form prescribed by the Director.
(b) A sales report must state the total amount raised through the offering, a list of the investors who purchased securities through the offering, and whether funds were released to the issuer.
(c) The Director may require any issuer to file periodic reports to keep the information contained in the notice reasonably current and to disclose the progress of the offering.
(d) Failure to submit reports may result in the loss of ability to sell securities under the OIO.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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