Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Finance and Securities Regulation

Rule Rule 441-870-0060
Delivery of Additional Documentation

“Manipulative, Deceptive, or Fraudulent Device or Contrivance” and “Fraudulent, Deceptive, or Manipulative Act or Practice” are defined to include:


Failure to deliver to the purchaser or licensed escrow agent or title company the written evidence of the obligation, properly endorsed, together with the instrument creating the lien; and


Failure to record the instrument creating the lien or assignment of the lien in a timely manner in the county or counties where the property is located and retain a copy of the recorded instrument in the customer file maintained by the licensee.


The provisions of section (2) of this rule do not apply when the purchaser is an institutional investor as enumerated in ORS 59.035 (Transactions exempt from registration)(4) or an accredited investor as enumerated in 59.035 (Transactions exempt from registration)(5) provided the accredited investor has submitted an unsolicited written request that the instrument creating the lien or the assignment of the lien not be filed in the county or counties where the property is located.

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Jun. 8, 2021