Oregon Department of Human Services, Self-Sufficiency Programs

Rule Rule 461-125-0330
Blindness as the Basis of Need

In the OSIP and OSIPM programs, a client is considered blind if any of the following is true:


The client is receiving SSB or SSI benefits based on blindness. Eligibility continues as long as eligibility for SSB or SSI eligibility continues.


The client was eligible for and received AB in Oregon in December 1973. These grandfathered clients continue to be eligible as long as they are continuously blind as defined by Oregon requirements that were in effect in 1973.


The client meets one of the following OSIP blindness criteria:


Vision of 20200 or less in the better eye with a corrective lens.


A limitation in vision field to an angle of 20 degrees or less.

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Jun. 8, 2021