Oregon Department of Human Services, Self-Sufficiency Programs

Rule Rule 461-125-0830
Medical Documentation; Disability and Other Determinations

(1) Medical documentation must be written and must contain all the following:
(a) A diagnosis in medical terminology, including an explanation of whether the impairment limits the individual’s ability to perform normal functions and, if so, how.
(b) A prognosis, including an expected recovery time frame.
(c) Clinical findings from physical examination, psychiatric evaluation, X‑rays, or a laboratory procedure, including specific data supporting diagnosis of a condition that causes disability, either on a medical or psychiatric basis.
(2) Except as provided otherwise in section (3) of this rule:
(a) To determine eligibility, the Department will accept evaluations from the following medical sources: medical evaluations only from licensed physicians, including psychiatrists, osteopaths, and ophthalmologists; mental evaluations only from psychiatrists and licensed or certified psychologists; and measurement of visual acuity and visual fields only from ophthalmologistsand licensed optometrists.
(b) The Department will accept supplemental medical and vocational information to augment evaluations from acceptable medical sources, from a licensed social worker, licensed physical or occupational therapist, or licensed nurse practitioner.
(3) Except for eligibility determinations in the OSIP, OSIPM, QMB, and SFPSS programs, the Department will also accept medical evaluations from licensed nurse practitioners and physician assistants; and mental evaluations from psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners.
(4) The client must provide or cooperate in obtaining sufficient medical documentation for the Department to determine eligibility.

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