Oregon Department of Human Services, Self-Sufficiency Programs

Rule Rule 461-135-0498
Pandemic-related Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; PSNAP

In the Pandemic-related Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (PSNAP):


The purpose of this rule is to set forth the policies for determining the activation of, eligibility for, and issuance of benefits under the PSNAP program for children certified eligible to receive free and reduced price school lunch benefits during a pandemic-related school closure. This program may be activated and benefits issued for the period October 1, 2009 through September 30, 2010.


The PSNAP program is activated when:


The school or school district notifies the Department of a school closure lasting a minimum of five consecutive school days due to pandemic-related illness; and


The school identifies each child participating in the free or reduced price school lunch program.


When the PSNAP program has been activated, only households meeting the following requirements may qualify for PSNAP program benefits. The school or school district provides the following items to the Department:


The name of the parent (head of the household);


The address of the household; and


The name and date of birth for each child participating in the free or reduced price school lunch program.


The Department matches the school data with the existing SNAP program files to identify which children are in households already participating in the SNAP or TANF programs. The Department deems these households to have EBT cards and does not send new EBT cards to them.


The Department issues a new EBT card to each household in the school data that is not currently participating in a Department program via an EBT card.


PSNAP program benefits are given to all eligible households for the expected five consecutive days of school closure.


The allotment amount is equal to the value of the school lunch multiplied by the number of lunches that will be missed. The value of the school lunch must be equal to the federal reimbursement rate for the lunch at the free rate.


A household may qualify for a second week of benefits when the school is closed for six or more consecutive school days.


PSNAP program benefits are issued via an EBT account and restricted to the purchase of food only.


PSNAP program benefits are issued to an eligible household within ten business days from the day the Department receives notice of the school closure and the school data. The benefits are issued no later than 45 days following the first day of the school closure.


A household certified to receive PSNAP program benefits receives a written decision notice (see OAR 461-001-0000 (Definitions for Chapter 461)) which includes the reason for the PSNAP program benefits, the amount of the benefits, how the benefits may be used, and contested case hearing rights.

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