Oregon Department of Human Services, Self-Sufficiency Programs

Rule Rule 461-135-0834
Delivery of Required Notices to the Estate Administration Unit


A person required by ORS 93.268 (Notice to state agency of transfer or encumbrance of real property by title insurance company), 113.038 (Request for different method of compensation of personal representative), 113.145 (Information to devisees, heirs, interested persons, Department of Human Services and Oregon Health Authority), 114.525 (Content of affidavit), 115.003 (Personal representative to make diligent search for claimants), 116.093 (Notice for filing objections to final account and petition for distribution), or 130.370 (Notice to individual claimants) to send notice to the Department of Human Services or Oregon Health Authority must send or deliver the notice to the Estate Administration Unit, Office of Payment Accuracy and Recovery, Department of Human Services at the address in section (4) of this rule.


If a claim submitted by the Estate Administration Unit is disallowed, the notice of the disallowance, required by ORS 114.540 (Procedure for claims), 115.135 (Allowance and disallowance of claims), or 130.400 (Allowance and disallowance of claims), shall be mailed to the Estate Administration Unit at the address in section (4) of this rule, unless the claim directs that the notice of disallowance be mailed to a person or entity other than the Estate Administration Unit.


A trustee of a trust established under 42 USC § 1396p(d)(4) shall mail notice of any termination of the trust or account in a master trust to the address in section (4) of this rule.


The mailing address for the Estate Administration Unit is: Estate Administration Unit, PO Box 14021, Salem OR 97309-5024.

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