OAR 584-225-0010
Specializations: General Provisions


Purpose of Specializations: A specialization on an Oregon educator license is an optional indication of specialized expertise or preparation in an area the Commission recognizes as “added value” on a license. A specialization indicates the educator has demonstrated exceptional knowledge, skills and related abilities in that area. A specialization must meet standards or requirements set by the Commission.


A specialization is distinguished from an endorsement in that a specialization is not required to teach or work in the specialized area, whereas an endorsement is required to work in the subject-matter area.


The specialization will be indicated as follows on the license: Example: Specialization: Autism Spectrum Disorder.


An educator may not be labeled as a specialist or call themselves a specialist in any area recognized by the Commission as requiring additional and exceptional preparation without actually holding a specialization on the license.


Reciprocity: A specialization may not be held on, or added to, a reciprocal license.
(6) If an applicant requests to hold or add an out-of-state or out-of-country specialization or equivalent to license, other than a reciprocal license, the applicant must:
(a) Pass the Commission-adopted test for the specialization, if the specialization requires a test; or
(b) Receive a recommendation from an Oregon educator preparation provider with an approved program for the specialization, if the specialization requires completion of a program. If the specialization does not have an approved program in Oregon, any approved Oregon educator preparation provider may provide a recommendation The recommendation must be provided in the manner and form required by the Commission.
(7) In addition to subsection (6), the applicant must meet all requirements to hold or add the specialization, as provided in OAR Chapter 584, Division 225.

Source: Rule 584-225-0010 — Specializations: General Provisions, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=584-225-0010.

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