OAR 584-225-0040
Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialization


Purpose: An Autism Spectrum Disorder specialization indicates that an educator has obtained additional and specialized preparation to teach prekindergarten through grade 12 students with Autism Spectrum Disorder learning variances.


A specialization is an optional indication of specialized expertise or preparation in an area the Commission recognizes as “added value” on a license. A specialization indicates the educator has demonstrated exceptional knowledge, skills and related abilities in that area. A specialization must meet standards set by the Commission. A specialization is not required to teach in the specialization area indicated on the license.


Eligibility Requirements: To be eligible to add an Autism Spectrum Disorder specialization to a Preliminary, Professional, Teacher Leader or Legacy Teaching License, an applicant must:


Possess an active and valid non-provisional Oregon teaching license with any special education endorsement;


Complete a Commission-approved Autism Spectrum Disorder specialization program in accordance with OAR 584-420-0640 (Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialization: Program Standards).


At least fifty percent (50%) of the Autism Spectrum Disorder coursework must have been completed within five years prior to the date of application for the specialization; and


Submit a complete and correct application to obtain the specialization in the form and manner required by the Commission, including payment of all required fees as provided in OAR 584-200-0050 (Fees).
NOTE: Adding the specialization at the time of renewal will not require an additional cost to the licensure renewal process.


An Autism Spectrum Disorder specialization may not be added to a provisional license.


The specialization will appear on a license as follows: Specialization: Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Once the specialization is indicated on a license, it may only be removed at the educator’s request.

Source: Rule 584-225-0040 — Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialization, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=584-225-0040.

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