OAR 584-225-0070
Early Childhood Education Specialization


Purpose: An Early Childhood Education specialization indicates that an educator has obtained additional and specialized preparation to teach in Early Childhood learning environments in grades pre-kindergarten through grade 3.


A specialization is an optional indication of specialized expertise or preparation in an area the Commission recognizes as “added value” on a license. A specialization indicates the educator has demonstrated exceptional knowledge, skills and related abilities in that area. A specialization must meet standards set by the Commission. A specialization is not required to teach in the specialization area indicated on the license.


Eligibility Requirements: To be eligible to add an Early Childhood Education specialization to a Preliminary, Professional, Teacher Leader or Legacy Teaching License, an applicant must:


Possess an active and valid non-provisional Oregon teaching license with an Elementary-Multiple Subjects endorsement;


Complete a Commission-approved Early Childhood Education specialization program in accordance with 584-420-0620 (Early Childhood Education Specialization: Program Standards). At least fifty percent (50%) of the Early Childhood Education coursework must have been completed within five years prior to the date of application for the specialization unless the applicant has previously held the Early Childhood authorization or Early Childhood endorsement on any license; and


Submit a complete and correct application to obtain the specialization in the form and manner required by the Commission, including payment of all required fees as provided in OAR 584-200-0050 (Fees).
NOTE: Adding the specialization at the time of renewal will not require an additional cost to the licensure renewal process.


An Early Childhood Education specialization may not be added to a provisional license.


The specialization will appear on a license as follows: Specialization: Early Childhood Education


Once the specialization is indicated on a license, it may only be removed at the educator’s request.

Source: Rule 584-225-0070 — Early Childhood Education Specialization, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=584-225-0070.

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