OAR 584-230-0010


“Approved Career and Technical Education Program:” A career and technical education program (CTE), approved by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE).


“ Career and Technical Education (CTE) Mentor:” A teacher holding a Preliminary CTE, Professional CTE, Preliminary, Professional or Teacher Leader teaching license who guides and supports a novice teacher holding a Restricted CTE Teaching License with instructional planning and preparation, delivery of classroom instruction, classroom management, assessment of student performance, and professional development. The assigned mentor must be approved by ODE to be a CTE mentor.


“Career and Technical Education Professional Development Plan:” A plan for professional development that prepares and develops the applicant for CTE instructional assignments. The plan must be developed and completed as provided in OAR 584-230-0070 (CTE Professional Development Plan), CTE Professional Development Plan.


“Regional Coordinator:” An individual hired by a local educational agency or community college and officially recognized by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to specifically coordinate the ODE approved regional system of Career and Technical Education.


“Instructor Appraisal Committee (IAC):” A committee organized locally to evaluate and assess how the teacher candidate can best fill the instructor role in the local CTE program of study. The IAC is involved in the licensure process to help determine what professional development, educational courses, and/or industry experiences the teacher may need to be the most successful in that program. The IAC is comprised of industry professionals that are involved at the advisory committee level of the local program or the aligned or articulated community college. These individuals are heavily involved in the industry and understand the industry standards that should be met by the program.


“Significant Progress:” Significant progress toward completion of CTE Professional Development Plan requirements means the applicant has made a confirmed commitment in each year the license is held toward completing the CTE professional development plan submitted upon application to TSPC.


“Waivers:” A waiver of the industry work experience or academic requirements for the Restricted CTE Teaching License in accordance with OAR 584-230-0100 (Waivers) Waivers.


“Work Experience:” Planned and coordinated industry work experience or previous and documented industry work experience that meets the criteria included in 584-230-0080 (CTE Industry Work Experience) CTE Work Experience.


“Planned and Coordinated Work Experiences:” Activities prescribed by the Instructor Appraisal Committee, designed to give the applicant the requisite knowledge and skills of the industry directly related to the CTE Program of Study in which they will be teaching. These activities should provide the necessary time and practice to allow the teacher the ability to teach the appropriate technical skills to students.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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