OAR 603-027-0460
Test Methods and Reproducibility Limits


Test Methods.


The ASTM Standard Test Methods referenced for use within the applicable Standard Specification shall be used for enforcement purposes.


Premium Diesel. The following test methods shall be used to determine compliance with the premium diesel parameters:


Cetane Number — ASTM D 613,


Low Temperature Operability — ASTM D 4539 or ASTM D 2500 (according to marketing claim),


Thermal Stability — ASTM D 6468 (180 minutes, 150 0C), and


Lubricity — ASTM D 6079.


Reproducibility Limits:


AKI Limits. When determining the antiknock index (AKI) acceptance or rejection of a gasoline sample, the AKI reproducibility limits as outlined in ASTM D 4814 Appendix X1 shall be acknowledged for enforcement purposes.


The reproducibility limits of the ASTM standard test method used for each test performed shall be acknowledged for enforcement purposes, except as indicated in OAR 603-027-0460 (Test Methods and Reproducibility Limits)(2)(a).


Dispute Resolution. In the event of a dispute over a reported test value, the guidelines presented in ASTM D 3244, “Standard Practice for Utilization of Test Data to Determine Conformance with Specifications”, shall be used to determine the acceptance or rejection of the sample.
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