Oregon Department of Forestry

Rule Rule 629-625-0330


The purpose of this rule is to provide a drainage system on new and reconstructed roads that minimizes alteration of stream channels and the risk of sediment delivery to waters of the state. Drainage structures should be located based on the priority listed below. When there is a conflict between the requirements of sections (2) through (6) of this rule, the lowest numbered section takes precedence, and the later-numbered and conflicting section shall not be implemented.


Operators shall not concentrate road drainage water into headwalls, slide areas, high landslide hazard locations, or steep erodible fillslopes.


Operators shall not divert water from stream channels into roadside ditches.


Operators shall install dips, water bars, or cross drainage culverts above and away from stream crossings so that road drainage water may be filtered before entering waters of the state.


Operators shall provide drainage when roads cross or expose springs, seeps, or wet areas.


Operators shall provide a drainage system using grade reversals, surface sloping, ditches, culverts and/or waterbars as necessary to minimize development of gully erosion of the road prism or slopes below the road.

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Jun. 8, 2021