OAR 629-625-0430
Stream Protection


When constructing stream crossings, operators shall minimize disturbance to banks, existing channels, and riparian management areas.


In addition to the requirements of the water protection rules, operators shall keep machine activity in beds of streams to an absolute minimum. Acceptable activities where machines are allowed in streambeds, such as installing culverts, shall be restricted to periods of low water levels. Operators shall submit a written plan to the State Forester for machine activity in Type F, Type SSBT or Type D streams; lakes; and significant wetlands.


For all roads constructed or reconstructed operators shall install water crossing structures where needed to maintain the flow of water and passage of adult and juvenile fish between side channels or wetlands and main channels.


Operators shall leave or re-establish areas of vegetation between roads and waters of the state to protect water quality.


Operators shall remove temporary stream crossing structures promptly after use, and shall construct effective sediment barriers at approaches to channels.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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