OAR 629-625-0600
Road Maintenance


The purpose of this rule is to protect water quality by timely maintenance of all active and inactive roads.


Operators shall maintain active and inactive roads in a manner sufficient both to provide a stable surface and to keep the drainage system operating as necessary to protect water quality.


Operators shall inspect and maintain culvert inlets and outlets, drainage structures and ditches before and during the rainy season as necessary to diminish the likelihood of clogging and the possibility of washouts.


Operators shall provide effective road surface drainage, such as water barring, surface crowning, constructing sediment barriers, or outsloping prior to the rainy and runoff seasons.


When applying road oil or other surface stabilizing materials, operators shall plan and conduct the operation in a manner as to prevent entry of these materials into waters of the state.


In the Northwest and Southwest Oregon Regions, operators shall maintain and repair active and inactive roads as needed to minimize damage to waters of the state. This may include maintenance and repair of all portions of the road prism during and after intense winter storms, as safety, weather, soil moisture and other considerations permit.


Operators shall place material removed from ditches in a stable location.


In order to maintain fish passage through water crossing structures, operators shall:


Maintain conditions at the structures so that passage of adult and juvenile fish is not impaired during periods when fish movement normally occurs. This standard is required only for roads constructed or reconstructed after September 1994, but is encouraged for all other roads; and


As reasonably practicable, keep structures cleared of woody debris and deposits of sediment that would impair fish passage.


Where needed to protect water quality, as directed by the State Forester, operators shall place additional cross drainage structures on existing active roads within their ownership prior to hauling to meet the requirements of OAR 629-625-0330 (Drainage).


Other fish passage requirements under the authority of ORS 509.580 (Definitions for ORS 509.580 to 509.590, 509.600 to 509.645 and 509.910) through 509.910 (Injunction to prevent certain violations) and OAR 635-412-0005 (Definitions) through 635-412-0040 (Mitigation Criteria) that are administered by other state agencies may be applicable to water crossing structures, including those constructed before September 1, 1994.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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