Oregon Department of Forestry

Rule Rule 629-635-0110


Monitoring and evaluation of the water protection rules are necessary because of the innovative approach taken in the rules. Monitoring and evaluation are needed to increase the level of confidence of all concerned that the rules will maintain and improve the condition of the riparian vegetation and waters of the state over time.


In cooperation with state and federal agencies, landowners and other interested parties, the State Forester shall conduct monitoring on a continuing basis to evaluate the effectiveness of the water protection rules. The monitoring shall determine the effectiveness of the rules to meet the goals of the Forest Practices Act and the purposes stated in the rules, as well as their workability and operability.


It is the Board of Forestry’s intent that the State Forester and its cooperators place a high priority on assessing the monitoring needs and securing adequate resources to conduct the necessary monitoring. The State Forester shall work with its cooperators and the Legislature to secure the necessary resources, funding and coordination for effective monitoring.


The State Forester shall report to the Board of Forestry annually about current monitoring efforts and, in a timely manner, present findings and recommendations for changes to practices. The Board of Forestry shall consider the findings and recommendations and take appropriate action.

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Jun. 8, 2021