Oregon Department of Forestry

Rule Rule 629-635-0300
Riparian Management Areas and Water Quality Protection Measures


Riparian management area widths are designated to provide adequate areas along streams, lakes, and significant wetlands to retain the physical components and maintain the functions necessary to accomplish the purposes and to meet the protection objectives and goals for water quality, fish, and wildlife set forth in OAR 629-635-0100 (Purpose and Goals).


Specified protection measures, such as for site preparation, yarding and stream channel changes, are required for operations near waters of the state and within riparian management areas to maintain water quality.
(3)(a) Operators shall apply the specified water quality protection measures and protect riparian management areas along each side of streams and around other waters of the state as described in OAR 629-635-0310 (Riparian Management Area Widths for Streams) through 629-660-0060 (Headwater Amphibian Species).


Operators may vary the width of the riparian management area above or below the average specified width depending upon topography, operational requirements, vegetation, fish and wildlife resources and water quality protection as long as vegetation retention and protection standards are met. However, the average width of the entire riparian management area within an operation must equal or exceed the required width.

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