Oregon Department of Forestry

Rule Rule 629-635-0210
Designation of Waters; Notice to Landowners; Reconsideration


The State Forester shall maintain a map showing the classification of waters of the state in each Department of Forestry unit office where notice of operations required by ORS 527.670 (Commencement of operations)(6) may be submitted. The map shall show streams, lakes and significant wetlands of known classification within the geographic area of responsibility for that unit office. For streams, the maps shall indicate the size class and, when known, extent of fish use, extent of SSBT use, and domestic water use classification.


Once a water of the state has been classified according to OAR 629-635-0200 (Water Classification), the State Forester shall not change the classification without written notice to the landowners immediately adjoining the portion(s) of water to be reclassified. Notice to landowners shall include the reason for the change of classification and applicable rules.


Any landowner whose land immediately adjoins the water to be reclassified, any landowner who has received a water right or was granted an easement affecting the water classification, or any state resource agency may request reconsideration of classifications of waters of the state by the State Forester. Such a request shall be in writing and shall identify on a map the portion of the stream or water of the state which should be reconsidered. The request shall present evidence that the current classification is not consistent with OAR 629-635-0200 (Water Classification) “Water Classification.”


The State Forester shall have up to 14 days to provide a final decision on a request for reconsideration of water classification. Until such a decision is provided, operators shall conduct any operation based upon the most protective potential water classification.

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