Oregon Department of Forestry

Rule Rule 629-635-0310
Riparian Management Area Widths for Streams

(1)(a) The riparian management area widths for streams are designated for each stream type as shown in Table 1.


Except as indicated in section (2), operators shall measure the riparian management area width as a slope distance from the high water level of main channels.


Notwithstanding the distances designated in subsection(1)(a), where wetlands or side channels extend beyond the designated riparian management area widths, operators shall expand the riparian management area as necessary to entirely include any stream-associated wetland or side channel plus at least 25 additional feet. This provision does not apply to small Type N streams.


In situations where the slope immediately adjacent to the stream channel is steep exposed soil, a rock bluff or talus slope, operators shall measure the riparian management area as a horizontal distance until the top of the exposed bank, bluff or talus slope is reached. From that point, the remaining portion of the riparian management area shall be measured as a slope distance.
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