OAR 660-025-0020

For the purposes of this division, the definitions contained in ORS 197.015 (Definitions for ORS chapters 195, 196, 197 and ORS 197A.300 to 197A.325), 197.303 (“Needed housing” defined), and 197.747 shall apply unless the context requires otherwise. In addition, the following definitions apply:


“Filed” or “Submitted” means that the required documents have been received by the Department of Land Conservation and Development at its Salem, Oregon, office.


“Final Decision” means the completion by the local government of a work task on an approved work program, including the adoption of supporting findings and any amendments to the comprehensive plan or land use regulations. A decision is final when the local government’s decision is transmitted to the department for review.


“Metropolitan planning organization” means an organization located wholly within the State of Oregon and designated by the Governor to coordinate transportation planning in an urbanized area of the state pursuant to 49 USC § 5303(c).


“Objection” means a written complaint concerning the adequacy of an evaluation, proposed work program, or completed work task.


“Participated at the local level” means to have provided substantive comment, evidence, documents, correspondence, or testimony to the local government during the local proceedings regarding a decision on an evaluation, work program or work task.


“Regional Solutions Team” means a team described in ORS 284.754 (Regional Solutions Program).


“Work Program” means a detailed listing of tasks necessary to revise or amend the local comprehensive plan or land use regulations to ensure the plan and regulations achieve the statewide planning goals. A work program must indicate the date that each work task must be submitted to the department for review.


“Work Task” or “task” means an activity that is included on an approved work program and that generally results in an adopted amendment to a comprehensive plan or land use regulation.
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Jun. 24, 2021

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