OAR 660-025-0060
Periodic Review Assistance Team(s)


The director may create one or more Periodic Review Assistance Team(s) to coordinate state, regional or local public agency comment, assistance, and information into the evaluation and work program development process. The director must seek input from agencies, regional governments and local governments on the membership of Periodic Review Assistance Team(s).


Members of the Periodic Review Assistance Team will provide, as appropriate:


Information relevant to the periodic review process;


New and updated information;


Technical and professional land use planning assistance; or


Coordinated evaluation and comment from state agencies.


Membership. The Periodic Review Assistance Team may include representatives of state agencies with programs affecting land use described in ORS 197.180 (State agency planning responsibilities), and representatives of regional or local governments who may have an interest in the review.


Meetings. The Periodic Review Assistance Team shall meet as necessary to provide information and advice to a local government in periodic review.


Authority. The Periodic Review Assistance Team shall be an advisory body. The team may make recommendations concerning an evaluation, a work program or work task undertaken pursuant to an approved work program. The team may also make recommendations to cities, counties, state agencies and the commission regarding any other issues related to periodic review.


In addition to the Periodic Review Assistance Team(s), the department may utilize the Regional Solutions Team or institute an alternative process for coordinating agency participation in the periodic review of comprehensive plans.


The commission must consider the recommendations, if any, of the Periodic Review Assistance Team(s).

Source: Rule 660-025-0060 — Periodic Review Assistance Team(s), https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=660-025-0060.

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