OAR 660-025-0035
Initiating Periodic Review Outside the Schedule


A local government may request, and the commission may approve, initiation of periodic review not otherwise provided for in the schedule established under OAR 660-025-0030 (Periodic Review Schedule). The request must be submitted to the commission along with justification for the requested action. The justification must include a statement of local circumstances that warrant periodic review and identification of the statewide planning goals to be addressed.


A city may request, and the commission may approve, initiation of periodic review for the limited purpose of completing changes to proposed amendments to a comprehensive plan and land use regulations required on remand after review by the commission in the manner provided for review of a work task under ORS 197.626 (Submission of land use decisions that expand urban growth boundary or designate urban or rural reserves)(1)(b) and OAR 660-025-0175 (Review of UGB Amendments and Urban Reserve Area Designations)(1)(b). If periodic review is initiated under this section, the city may adopt, and the director may approve, a work program that includes only the changes required on remand.


In consideration of the request filed pursuant to section (1) or (2), the commission must consider the needs of the jurisdiction to address the issue(s) identified in the request for periodic review, the interrelationships of the statewide planning goals to be addressed in the periodic review project, and other factors the commission finds relevant. If the commission approves the request, the provisions of this division apply, except as provided in section (4) of this rule.


The Regional Solutions Team may work with a city to create a voluntary comprehensive plan review that focuses on the unique vision of the city, instead of conducting a standard periodic review, if the team identifies a city that the team determines can benefit from a customized voluntary comprehensive plan review. In order for a voluntary comprehensive plan review to be initiated by the commission, the city must request initiation of such a modified periodic review. The provisions of this division apply except as follows:


If the city is subject to the periodic review schedule in OAR 660-025-0030 (Periodic Review Schedule), the periodic review under this section will not replace or delay the next scheduled periodic review;


If the city misses a deadline related to an evaluation, work program or work task, including any extension, the commission must terminate the evaluation, work program, or work task or impose sanctions pursuant to OAR 660-025-0170 (Modification of an Approved Work Program, Extensions, and Sanctions for Failure to Meet Deadlines)(3).


If the commission pays the costs of a local government that is not subject to OAR 660-025-0030 (Periodic Review Schedule) to perform new work programs and work tasks, the commission may require the local government to complete periodic review when the local government has not completed periodic review within the previous five years if:


A city has been growing faster than the annual population growth rate of the state for five consecutive years;


A major transportation project on the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program that is approved for funding by the Oregon Transportation Commission is likely to:


Have a significant impact on a city or an urban unincorporated community; or


Be significantly affected by growth and development in a city or an urban unincorporated community;


A major facility, including a prison, is sited or funded by a state agency; or


Approval by the city or county of a facility for a major employer will increase employment opportunities and significantly affect the capacity of housing and public facilities in the city or urban unincorporated community.


As used in section (5) of this rule, “the costs of a local government” means: normal and customary expenses for supplies, personnel and services directly related to preparing a work program, and completing studies and inventories, drafting of ordinances, preparing and sending notices of hearings and meetings, conducting meetings and workshops, and conducting hearings on possible adoption of amendments to plans or codes, to complete a work task.

Source: Rule 660-025-0035 — Initiating Periodic Review Outside the Schedule, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=660-025-0035.

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