OAR 690-205-0210
Well Report Required (Water Supply Well Log)


A water well report (water well log) shall be prepared for each water supply well constructed, altered, converted, or abandoned. This requirement includes unsuccessful wells and wells exempt from appropriation permit requirements under ORS 537.545 (Exempt uses). The log shall be certified as correct by signature of the Water Supply Well Constructor constructing the water supply well. The completed log shall also be certified by the bonded Water Supply Well Constructor responsible for construction of the well. A water well report must be submitted by each bonded constructor (if drilling responsibility is shifted to a different bonded constructor), showing the work performed by each bonded constructor.


The log shall be prepared in triplicate on forms furnished or previously approved in writing by the Water Resources Department. The original shall be furnished to the Director, the first copy shall be retained by the Water Supply Well Constructor, and the second copy shall be given to the customer who contracted for the construction of the water supply well.


The bonded Water Supply Well Constructor shall file the water well log with the Director within 30 days after the completion of the construction, alteration, conversion or abandonment of the water supply well.


The trainee or Water Supply Well Constructor operating the water supply well drilling machine shall maintain a rough log of all geologic strata encountered and all materials used in the construction of the water supply well. This log shall be available for inspection by the Watermaster, or other authorized agent of the Water Resources Department at any time before the water well report is received by the Department. The rough drilling log shall be in handwritten or electronic form, or a voice recording.


In the event a constructor leaves any drilling equipment or other tools in a water supply well, this fact shall be entered on the water well report.


A copy of any special authorizations or special standards issued by the Director shall be attached to the water supply well report.


The report of water well construction required in section (1) of this rule shall be recorded on a form provided or previously approved in writing by the Department. The form shall include, as a minimum, the following:


Name and Address of Landowner;


Started/Completed date;


Location of the well by county, Township, Range, Section, tax lot number, if assigned, street address, or nearest address, and either the 14, 14 section or Latitude and Longitude as established by a global positioning system (GPS);


Start card number;


Well identification label number (well tag number);


Use of well;


Type of work;


Temperature of water;


Total dissolved solids (TDS); and


Such additional information as required by the Department.

Source: Rule 690-205-0210 — Well Report Required (Water Supply Well Log), https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=690-205-0210.

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