OAR 736-028-0010


“Act” shall mean Chapter 673 of Oregon Laws 1973, as amended by Chapter 395, Oregon Laws 1985.


“Commission” shall mean the Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission or any authorized agent thereof.


“Costs” shall mean the actual direct costs of lifesaving services borne by a provider agency, including personal services, supplies, transportation, communication, insurance, acquisition or construction of facilities and other related costs. Costs of items which relate to other programs of a provider agency in addition to lifesaving services shall be prorated in cost reports submitted to the Department.


“Department” shall mean the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation.


“Applicant” shall mean, as applicable, the county court or board of commissioners of any county, the city council of any city or the chief of any coastal RFPD.


“Fiscal year” shall mean the period from July 1 of any calendar year until June 30 of the next succeeding calendar year.


“Lifesaving services” shall mean the provision of personnel, equipment or facilities for the protection of persons using recreational places along the ocean shore.


“Ocean shore” shall mean the land lying between extreme low tide of the Pacific Ocean and the line of vegetation, as established and described by ORS 390.770 (Vegetation line described) or the line of established upland shore vegetation, whichever is farther inland. “Ocean shore” does not include an estuary as defined in ORS 196.800 (Definitions for ORS 196.600 to 196.921).


“Subject year” shall mean any fiscal year in which lifesaving services were performed for which a matching fund grant is requested by a provider agency.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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