OAR 736-028-0015

A provider agency shall be eligible for matching fund grants on account of services and capital acquisitions provided during any subject year if:


Prior to the commencement of the first fiscal year for which a matching fund grant is requested, the provider agency has filed with the Department a report setting forth:


The services proposed to be provided;


The methods of operation of such services; and


The procedures for the accounting of costs.


In the event that in any subsequent fiscal year an applicant proposes to vary the services, methods or procedures set forth under section (1) of this rule, such changes have been set forth in a report filed with the appropriate Region State Parks Supervisor prior to the commencement of the fiscal year in which such charges will be implemented.


The cost of that portion of such services which has been declared eligible for participation by the Department during the subject year is in excess of $5,000.


An application for a matching fund grant has been properly and timely filed in accordance with OAR 736-028-0025 (Applications).


The applicant has further complied with applicable regulations relating to provisions of lifesaving services as such regulations are promulgated from time to time by the Commission.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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