Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

Rule Rule 736-028-0030
Cities and Counties: Standards


Quality of Overall Performance — A recognized acceptable lifesaving system or an approved adaptation of one of these systems must be employed. Two recognized systems are: The Surf Lifesaving Association of Australia, and the Los Angeles County Ocean Beach Lifesaving Program. Evidence must be produced that a like quality of performance is being achieved.


Individual Proficiencies:


Lifesaving — Lifeguards must have at least a current Water Safety Certificate and be able to demonstrate acceptable proficiency in lifesaving technique;


First Aid — Lifeguards must have a current standard or advanced Red Cross first aid card and be able to demonstrate acceptable proficiency in first aid practices;


In-service training must be an integral part of the lifesaving program;


Proficiency drills and practice sessions also must be an integral part of the program;


A record of practice sessions and rescue attempts is to be submitted to the appropriate Region State Parks Supervisor at the end of each session.


Required Equipment:


There must be at least one guard tower or designated lifesaving post at each designated swim area;


Radio and/or telephones must be available at the tower or station to immediately summon additional lifesaving assistance in the event of an emergency;


A vehicle must be available at or near the tower or station for immediate use.

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