OAR 736-053-0105

As used in OAR 736-053-0100 (Purpose) to 736-053-0140 (Recovery of Grant Funds), unless the context requires otherwise:


“Commission” means the Oregon Heritage Commission.


“Department” means the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.(3) “Museum” means a public institution or private nonprofit Oregon corporation primarily devoted to the acquisition and public exhibition of specimens, artifacts, articles, documents and other items that relate to history, anthropology, archaeology, science, heritage, or art and that have historical significance.


“Grant” means an award from the Oregon Museum Grant Program.


“Museum Grant Review Committee” means the committee that reviews grant applications and makes funding recommendations to the commission.


“Heritage” means the array of significant things, thoughts, and activities associated with past human experience in Oregon.


“Heritage collections” includes artifacts and other manifestations of material culture, documents, publications, photographs and film, heritage recordings, music and songs gathered for study, comparison or exhibition, and their management.


“Heritage-related tourism” means the practice of traveling for leisure to learn, enjoy or appreciate heritage.


“Heritage aspects of education and interpretation” means the action or process of educating or of being educated about heritage.


“Grantee” means an eligible applicant museum legally capable of executing and which has executed a grant agreement for project awarded a Museum Grant.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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