OAR 736-053-0205

As used in OAR 736-053-0200 (Purpose) to 736-053-0235 (Recovery of Grant Funds), the following terms shall have the following meanings:


“Commission” means the Oregon Heritage Commission.


“Department” means the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.


“Grant” means an award from the Oregon Heritage Grant Program.


“Heritage” means the array of significant things, thoughts, and activities associated with past human experience in Oregon.


“Heritage Resources” means artifacts and other manifestations of material culture, documents, publications, photographs and film, prehistoric and historic sites, historic buildings and other structures, cultural landscapes, heritage celebrations, heritage festivals and fairs, and heritage recordings, music, and songs.


“Heritage Conservation” means activities that preserve or enhance heritage resources.


“Heritage Development” means activities that fulfill the potential of heritage resources to educate Oregonians and their visitors and enrich their lives.


“Grantee” means an eligible applicant legally capable of executing and which has executed a grant agreement for project awarded an Oregon Heritage Grant.


“Eligible Project Costs” means approved costs incurred after execution of a grant agreement.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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