OAR 738-124-0010

(1) The State of Oregon established the Aviation System Action Program (ASAP) fund pursuant in 2015 Oregon Laws, chapter 700, section 7, as modified by 2019 Oregon Laws, chapter 485, section 1. The Department shall administer the funded programs and distribute funds for the purposes established by the Oregon legislature.
(2) The purposes of the COAR program are to: assist airports in Oregon with match requirements for FAA Airport Improvement Program grants; and make grants for: emergency preparedness and infrastructure projects, in accordance with the Oregon Resilience Plan or the Oregon Aviation Plan; services critical or essential to aviation, including but, not limited to, fuel, sewer, water, navigational aids and weather equipment; aviation-related business development, including but, not limited to, hangars, parking for business aircraft and related facilities; or airport development for local economic benefit, including but not limited to signs and marketing.
(3) The purpose of the ROAR program is to assist commercial air service to Rural Oregon.
(4) The purpose of the SOAR program is to distribute funds to state-owned airports for: safety improvements recommended by the Board and local community airports; and infrastructure projects at public use airports.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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