OAR 738-124-0030
COAR and ROAR Application Requirements

(1) The Department shall announce application deadlines for COAR and ROAR funding. The Department shall not consider applications submitted after the deadline set by the Department.
(2) Applicants interested in receiving funds under either COAR or ROAR must submit an application to the Department in a format prescribed by the Department. At a minimum, each application must contain the following information:
(a) Project Information. The application must include:
(A) Applicant’s name and Oregon Secretary of State Business Registry number (if one exists), and the contact information of the individual who represents the Applicant with respect to the application;
(B) Project name;
(C) Project location;
(D) Airport information, specifically the:
(i) Airport name,
(ii) Airport category, and
(iii) Whether the airport is NPIAS or Non-NPIAS;
(E) Project overview, including purpose and projected start and end dates; and
(F) A statement describing local support for the project, if any.
(b) Project Documentation. The application must describe documentation necessary to complete the project, specifically statements regarding whether:
(A) The project is in the most current Airport Layout Plan (ALP), signed by the FAA and the airport owner;
(B) A National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review is required;
(C) An Airport Safety Overlay Zone, as described in OAR 660-013-0070 (Local Government Safety Zones for Imaginary Surfaces), has been adopted at the airport where the project will be located; and
(D) Any permits or licenses are required for the project, and if so, a description of each permit or license which identifies the issuing authority and a brief description of the reason the permit or license is required.
(c) Statewide Impact. The application must include a brief statement about whether the project:
(A) Reduces transportation costs for Oregon businesses or improves access to jobs and sources of labor in Oregon;
(B) Results in an economic benefit to Oregon;
(C) Connects elements of Oregon’s aviation system in a way that will measurably improve utilization and efficiency of the system;
(D) Is ready for construction or implementation, including whether the project has any unique construction-readiness, project implementation issues, or possible delays; and
(E) Has a useful life expectancy that offers maximum benefit to this state.
(d) Project Budget Information. The application must include each of the following:
(A) The total amount of the COAR or ROAR grant sought by the Applicant. Amounts sought may not exceed the maximum grant amounts specified in OAR 738-124-0040 (Maximum COAR and ROAR Grant Amounts and Applicant Financial Matching Requirements).
(B) For federally funded projects, a statement of whether the project is listed on the approved Federal Capital Improvement Plan and, if so provide a copy of the Capital Improvement Plan.
(C) A list of project funding sources and the amount of funding from each source. Applicants must include a statement of how much of the cost of the project can be borne by the Applicant from sources other than Department funds or Connect Oregon Fund.
(D) A statement identifying whether the project will have incurred any expenditures prior to the effective date of an Agreement, if awarded, and a brief explanation if so.
(E) Documentation of the Applicant’s ability to meet the financial contribution or match requirement specified in OAR 738-124-0040 (Maximum COAR and ROAR Grant Amounts and Applicant Financial Matching Requirements).
(e) Applicant history. A statement in which the Applicant discloses any circumstance in which the Applicant or one of its owners or principals has been involved in a dispute about its use of grant funds or a business loan within the last 5 years preceding the date of the application. If any such circumstances exist, the Applicant shall describe the circumstances, including the approximate date of the circumstance, the entity or individual making the grant or loan at issue, and the outcome of the dispute.
(f) Applicant affirmation. Each Applicant must affirm that the statements contained in the application are complete and accurate.
(3) Additional requirements for ROAR applications:
(a) ROAR applications must also include: an amount of the projected increase in the volume of passenger air travel to rural Oregon and an explanation of the factors that support it; and a list of local companies, non-profit organizations or government agencies that have expressed interest in the project or a commitment to support it, accompanied by letters or other evidence of support from the entities.
(b) For projects that include marketing, the application must include a proposed marketing and communication plan.
(c) For projects that include air service, the application must also specify: projected aircraft to be used; type of FAA certificate under which operations will be conducted; and estimated projected draw down of grant funds, month by month, for the initial 24 month period.

Source: Rule 738-124-0030 — COAR and ROAR Application Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=738-124-0030.

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