OAR 806-010-0020
Registration by Examination

(1) No person may use the “Architect” title, except under the conditions outlined under OAR 806-010-0037 (Architect Title) and ORS 671.065 (Certification based on recognition by national council or other jurisdictions).
(2) Prior to practicing architecture in Oregon, an individual must apply for and obtain a certificate of registration from the Board.
(3) To become registered by examination to practice architecture in Oregon, an individual must do the following:
(a) Submit a complete Registration by Examination Application form;
(b) Pay the required fees;
(c) Confirm transmittal of NCARB Record to the Board which includes official documentary evidence of the following:
(A) A professional degree in architecture meeting the education standard under OAR 806-010-0010 (Approved Architect and Firm Registration and Evaluation Programs)(1);
(B) Completion of the AXP; and
(C) Passing the ARE.
(d) Passing the Jurisprudence Examination (JE); and
(e) Any other information required by the Board.
(4) The Board reserves the right to require an oral interview of any applicant. Oral interviews are held on regularly scheduled Board meeting dates. If an oral interview is required, the applicant will be notified.
(5) Upon successful completion of all requirements for registration by examination, the individual will be issued a certificate of registration and decorative wall certificate according to OAR 806-010-0040 (Architect Certificates).
(6) If an application is not deemed complete within 12 months of the date of the original application, the applicant must apply again as a new applicant.
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Source: Rule 806-010-0020 — Registration by Examination, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=806-010-0020.

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