OAR 806-010-0037
Architect Title

(1) The title of “Architect” may only be used as described under ORS 671.010 (Definitions for ORS 671.010 to 671.220) and ORS 671.020 (Registration requirement)(2) and ORS 671.020 (Registration requirement)(3).
(2) Architectural firms registered with the Board under OAR 806-010-0080 (Registration of Architectural Firms) as providing architectural services in Oregon must use a derivative of the architect title within the architectural firm name to identify the architectural firm appropriately, according to OAR 806-010-0080 (Registration of Architectural Firms).
(3) Except as provided in this rule, no title, sign, cards, or device may be used to indicate or tend to indicate that an individual or firm or business using the title is practicing architecture or is an architect, or represents in any manner that the individual or firm or business is an architect or architectural practice.
(4) Only those individuals notified by the Board that they have been granted Architect Emeritus status may use the title “Architect Emeritus.”
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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