OAR 813-330-0010

Terms used throughout this division (OAR 813-330) may be defined in Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) or in the OHCS General Definitions (OAR 813-005-0005 (General Definitions) (General Definitions)). Terms used within this division observe those definitions, except as defined below:


“Complete Application” means an application, inclusive of all required documentation, submitted to OHCS as described in OAR 813-330-0030 (Household Eligibility)(2).


“FEMA” means the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


“Individual Assistance Program” means the federal individual assistance grant program authorized by the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act. Individual Assistance refers to money or direct assistance to eligible individuals and households whose property has been damaged or destroyed as a direct result of a major disaster or emergency and whose losses are not covered by insurance or other means.


“Household” means an individual living alone, a family with or without children, or a group of individuals who are living together as one economic unit.


“Households of lower-income” is defined in ORS 458.667 (Wildfire Damage Housing Relief Account) (Wildfire Damage Housing Relief Account).


“WDHR services” means the Wildfire Damage Housing Relief (WDHR) program services that may be provided to eligible households as described in OAR 813-330-0030 (Household Eligibility) (Household Eligibility), ORS 458.667 (Wildfire Damage Housing Relief Account) (Wildfire Damage Housing Relief Account), and applicable state, local, and federal law requirements.


“Wildfire” is defined in ORS 477.089 (Recovery for property damage) (Recovery for property damage).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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