Oregon Oregon Medical Board

Rule Rule 847-015-0035
Attending Physicians Prescribing Medications to Physician-Assisted Death with Dignity Patients

Attending physicians prescribing medications pursuant to ORS 127.800 (Definitions)127.897 (Form of the request) must:


Dispense medications directly, including ancillary medications intended to facilitate the desired effect to minimize the patient’s discomfort, provided the attending physician is registered as a dispensing physician with the Oregon Medical Board, has a current Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.) certificate, and complies with the provisions of ORS 677.089 (Physicians dispensing prescription drugs to do so personally), OAR 847-015-0015 (Maintenance of Controlled Substances Log by Prescribing Practitioners) and 847-015-0025 (Dispensing, Distribution and Administration); or


With the patient’s written consent:


Contact a pharmacist, and inform the pharmacist of the purpose of the prescription; and


Deliver the written prescription personally or by mail to the pharmacist who will dispense the medications to either the patient, the attending physician, or an expressly identified patient’s agent.

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Jun. 8, 2021