OAR 847-015-0040
Collaborative Drug Therapy Management


“Collaborative Drug Therapy Management” as used in this section means the participation by a physician and a pharmacist in the management of drug therapy pursuant to a written protocol that includes information specific to the dosage, frequency, duration and route of administration of the drug, authorized by a physician and initiated upon a prescription order for an individual patient and:


Is agreed to by one physician and one pharmacist; or


Is agreed to by one or more physicians in a single organized medical group, such as a hospital medical staff, clinic or group practice, including but not limited to organized medical groups using a pharmacy and therapeutics committee, and one or more pharmacists at a single pharmacy registered by the Board of Pharmacy.


A physician shall engage in collaborative drug therapy management with a pharmacist only under a written arrangement that includes:


The identification, either by name or by description, of the participating pharmacist(s);


The identification, by name, of the participating physician(s);


The name of the physician and principal pharmacist who are responsible for development, training, administration, and quality assurance of the arrangement;


A detailed description of the collaborative role the pharmacist(s) shall play, including but not limited to:


Written protocol for specific drugs pursuant to which the pharmacist will base drug therapy management decisions for an individual patient;


Circumstances which will cause the pharmacist to initiate communication with the physician, including but not limited to the need for new prescription orders and reports of patients’ therapeutic responses or adverse effects;


Training requirement for pharmacist participation and ongoing assessment of competency, if necessary;


Quality assurance and periodic review by a panel of the participating physicians(s) and pharmacist(s).


Authorization by the physician(s) for the pharmacist(s) to participate in the collaborative drug therapy;


A provision for the collaborative drug therapy arrangement to be reviewed and updated, or discontinued at least every two years; and


A description of the mechanism for the pharmacist(s) to communicate to the physician(s) and for documentation of the implementation of the collaborative drug therapy.


Collaborative drug therapy management is valid only when initiated upon the prescription order of a participating physician for each individual patient.


Nothing in this rule shall be construed to allow therapeutic substitution.


The collaborative drug therapy protocol must be filed with the Board of Pharmacy, kept on file in the pharmacy and made available to the Board of Pharmacy and the Oregon Medical Board upon request.

Source: Rule 847-015-0040 — Collaborative Drug Therapy Management, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=847-015-0040.

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